Getting Site Traffic But No Sales? Read Two Game-Changers In E-Commerce To Engage & Convert Your Clients

February 7, 2017

switching to Shopify to increase salesThis post may contain affiliate links. If you end up switching to Shopify or adding a live chat box feature via my links, I receive a small commission.

Now that business owners are immersed in the internet world, the days of speaking to prospects face to face are dwindling fast. Not only do consumers have an array of options at their fingertips, but they have the same amount of distractions to boot. Before e-commerce, a customer walked into your store and spent time connecting with the sales person in that store, beginning a relationship with them. We don’t have that luxury in e-commerce. The only chance you have of connecting with your customer, is hoping that they get an instant connection from the minute that they hit your website, and that there’s something on your home page that’s enticing them to make them stick around.

When I launched our e-commerce website for Baja Baby, getting our customers to engage with us was a real struggle. Despite sending paid traffic to our website, and also getting organic traffic, people would visit the site, and literally bounce off a few seconds later. I can’t tell you how soul destroying it is to pay for traffic, knowing that you have an amazing product, and yet that’s still not enough to get people to purchase. We even ran promotions through paid traffic, where customers could try our products for free, but for some reason, ourĀ  home page just wasn’t exciting or enticing enough for them to stick around and get to know us.

ChangeĀ  1 – Switching to Shopify

switching to ShopifyA few months ago we made some changes that I think was the beginning of the turnaround in our eCommerce experience. The first thing that we did was switched from WordPress to a Shopify platform. This decision took two years to make! We didn’t want to lose the customization or the feel of our website, and we were worried that by switching to Shopify we would be going for a more generic feel.

We couldn’t have been more wrong if we had tried, and I wish I could have launched a Shopify website years ago instead of delaying. The main Shopify benefits are as follows:

  • Ridiculously easy to use and navigate for the client and the site owner
  • Save money because you don’t need a developer to make a site edit anymore
  • Less website crashes (Shopify has crashed once on us – so it’s not perfect but it seems to be more robust that what we were previously doing.
  • I feel like we are in the cool club now we use Shopify. Bahahaha. I know. I’m weird!

Shopify will allow you to try their interface out for free; you don’t even need to enter a credit card to get started. Just click on my link for Shopify and you’re off to the races!


Change 2 – Adding A Live Chat Box Using Lucky Orange

adding live chat boxThe second thing that we did was installing a live chat box into our website. As an eCommerce owner, you have the luxury of being in your store at any point in the day.

Once we installed Lucky Orange to our e-commerce store, instant engagement and communication opportunities arose. My favorite part of Lucky Orange’s benefits, is the live chat box feature. You can install an instant window on every page of your site that notifies the customer there is someone on hand to chat with. Think of the advantages!

  • Instant communication with your client
  • The ability to answer any questions or concerns they may have
  • The client knows they have a helpful member of staff at the ready to talk to
  • The possibility of earning that client’s business because you have a way to instantly communicate.

Perhaps you’re thinking “Well what about when I sleep?”. That’s the beautiful thing; you can turn the chat box settings to be a ‘Leave A Message’ area instead. Once the user has entered their query and email – you get an instant email. Once you’re awake – hey presto – you can connect with your client.

In our experience, clients have deeply appreciated this window of communication.

To sign up for a Lucky Orange account, just click here.

As with all my posts – if you would like to chat to me, just send me an email to I’d love to hear from you!


















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