Thinking About Moving To Mexico? Read Our 5 Favorite Reasons To Move

February 9, 2017
Mexico Beach

Before we pack up sticks and move away from Mexico for a while, it seems fitting that maybe we should dedicate a couple of blogs to the country that has been our home for more than 14 years.

Moving to Mexico wasn’t the plan for either myself or Nelson when we did it. You know when you’re 20 years old and the world is your oyster? You’re just going with the flow and doing what seems like a really good idea at the time? Yeah, that’s kind of how both of us fell into this country, but moving to Mexico was the best thing that we could have ever done for so many reasons. Primarily, had we not moved to Mexico – we would never have found each other!

Let’s say that you’re thinking about moving to Mexico. I’d like to think that after more than 14 years of living here, I’m well seasoned enough to understand how things work. I can give you advice that would be considered reasonably sound. I’m also the British Honorary Consul here in Los Cabos. A position I’ve held for six years, so I think I’m pretty suitable candidate to give you some feedback on some of the best things that we love about Mexico.

Mexico Beach

Reason 1: The Climate

The first thing that I love about moving to Mexico is the climate. Hailing from Ireland where it rains constantly, and it gets dark way too early, moving to Mexico was heaven-sent. Way back in the early 2000s, I landed in Puerto Vallarta, got off the airplane, went to the bus station, jumped on a bus and headed north to go see some friends in Mazatlan. I’d never even heard of Mazatlan until they had mentioned it to me. Being the free-spirit that I was, I was more than happy to go on a little adventure.

Mazatlan is beautiful. Miles of gorgeous oceanfront beaches. Beautiful areas to walk, run or bike. Amazing sunrises and sunsets to behold. And the climate is pretty much gorgeous for 10 months of the year. If you’re in a beach town in Mexico during the months of late July, August and September, it is hot. But you know what? I can take those two months of insufferable heat over the eight months of miserable weather in Ireland any day. So yeah – moving to Mexico is all about the climate for me.

Reason 2: The People

The second thing that I love about Mexico is the general attitude of Mexican people. Yes, I know, every culture has their quirks, but for this particular blog I’d like to highlight the biggest positive for me – the attitude and the love that flows out off 99% of the people here. Mexican people are welcoming, they’re kind, they are considerate (unless you’re in a bank), and they love their families. Mexican people love partying like rock stars with their nearest and dearest. Maybe that’s got a lot to do with the climate? Perhaps living in a hot country puts everybody in a really good mood all the time; therefor partying is in the blood. 🙂

Reason 3: The Low Cost Of Living

moving to Mexico Property Tax

You can choose to have a low cost of living. The only thing that we pay an average amount of money for is our electricity, everything else is minimal. Annual property taxes on an average size home are a hundred-ish bucks. Yup, that’s not a typo. (See my bill from January for 2017). Electricity runs us two to four hundred dollars a month, but that’s because we use a lot of it (We like to have our air on). Gas and water run 30 to 50 dollars a month respectively. And if you need some home help, $15 a day with get you an amazing housekeeper. Despite a recent price increase, car gas is relatively inexpensive and private schooling is very affordable here compared to the US.

Reason 4: The Opportunity

The fourth thing that I love about moving to Mexico is opportunity. I came from a first world country, with a decent amount of education and work experience under my belt. To this day, Mexico has under-developed industries waiting to be improved upon. Fortunately, it was easy for me (as a foreigner) to open a businesses here and work with some incredible people. Why not move here and bring some new inspiration to your community? You’ll find yourself either involved in an amazing work environment or you’ll create a business of your own which can bring so much value to your community.

Reason 6: The Laid-back Lifestyle

casual attire for moving to MexicoTo live in Mexico is to enjoy a laid-back lifestyle. It’s casual here. There aren’t many many rules here. You can arrive late to a party and no-one minds. You can go out to dinner in shorts and a T-shirt. It’s a struggle for me to put make-up on most days! Gone are the days where I wouldn’t be seen dead walking out of the house with my smarts and face on!

The image to the left is a very typical daily outfit here for me. I would wear something like this to work, to dinner or going out for a day trip. Yep – it’s wayyyy laid-back here.

Combine that with the happiness, the welcoming people and the climate, Mexico is heaven. It has treated me well.  I’m so grateful for the time that we’ve had here, and it will always be our home.

Do you want advice on moving to Mexico? You can email me anytime at with questions you may have.






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