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April 22, 2017

Eduardo Fregoso Immigration Lawyer CaboOne of the coolest things about spending a long time in Mexico is that we have a diverse collection of friends. Canadians, Europeans, Australians and Mexicans to name a few nationalities. One of my Mexican neighbors is Eduardo Fregoso and he specializes in in helping people with their visa, residency and passport applications.

Mexico Immigration Information

I have referred many of my friends to Eduardo over the years; some of whom needed help with the permanent residency status that they already had, some wanted information and assistance on acquiring their permanent residency in Mexico, and others (like me!) have wondered about the naturalization process in Mexico.

Plenty of people ask us how what the Mexico residency visa requirements are. Here’s my Q&A’s with Eduardo regarding the immigration residency options in Baja California Sur.

** Important To Note – This discussion shouldn’t be taken as actual legal immigration advice. Policies change frequently, and you should always seek to consult with an immigration lawyer within the Mexican State that you want to move to.**

My Interview Regarding Mexico Residency Via Requirements

Jen: Can anyone, from any other country come to Mexico and get a job?

Eduardo: Yes!

Jen: What are the requirements for a foreigner to be able to live in Cabo?

Eduardo: There are no specific requirements. Obviously they have entered Mexico legally, as a tourist or as Temporary or Permanent Resident.

Jenni: Do immigration policies of other Mexican states vary much from BCS?

Eduardo: Because Immigration law is federal, the main policies are the same, the things that may change is the way to submit them and sometimes extra documentation to be able to locate them, like in BCS (picture and a map of its address)

Different Entry Scenarios

Jen: Let’s say I am from the US, and I want to move to Cabo and work here. What are the Mexico residency visa requirements that I have to know about in order to seek employment here?

Eduardo: A corporation legally established and registered at Immigration has to ask for approval to employ you. Once authorized, the foreigner has to go to any Mexican consulate to get a working visa stamped in to his passport,  and receive document that will allow him/her to start  working in Cabo, (this is only if the foreigner does not already have a residency).

Jen: Here’s a different scenario: I’m a tourist enjoying a 2-week vacation in Cabo. I have decided that I don’t want to leave. Can I stay in Mexico, seek employment and then sort out my immigration status?

Eduardo: That’s not possible. As I said previously, the individual has to find an employer to get the authorization from Immigration first.

What’s The Price Of Entry?

Jen: How much does it cost to get residency in Mexico?

Eduardo: There are two types and they are called Temporary or Permanent Resident. The residency process costs about $585.00 USD (legal and residency rights included)

Jen: What if I just want to come to Mexico for 6 months to live or travel? What sort of visa would I need to do that?

Eduardo: There is a visa called FMM (Multiple Immigration Form) that allows you to stay in Mexico for up to 180 days.

Jen: What are the different types of visas that are available today for foreigners who want to travel or live in Mexico?

Eduardo: Firstly the FMM is good for 180 days. Then you can obtain Temporary Resident (working or non-working activity) and finally there’s Permanent Resident (same).

Head To The SRE For Up-To Date Advice

If you want to learn about the most recent immigration requirements, head over to the SRE website. It’s the best resource for anyone wanting to apply for temporary residency. Luckily their website is in both Spanish and English which was last updated February 2017.

So there you have it – a basic outline of the current Mexico residency visa requirements. If you would like to consult with Eduardo, or hire his company to assist you with any immigration or legal services, please see his contact information beneath:

 immigration lawyer Cabo

Lic. Eduardo Chávez Fregoso

Address: Manuel Doblado s/n Local #3.

Colonia Centro.C.P. 23400

San José del Cabo, B.C.S.

Phone : 011-52 (624) 355 – 7338

Email: eduardofregoso@yahoo.com




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